this is my collage. i mostly put my favorite artists. such as lil peep, frank ocean, asap rocky, joji, the frights, chris travis, xavier wulf, black smurf, and spooky black. those are some of the people i listen to. next i put a car, which is the car i want. its a honda civic 2000. […]

framing composition

the camera metering I used was auto focus. I used auto focus because I really like how the pictures come out. I only have a strong composition in one of my photos. I edited the pictures by changing the color of the original photos. I put one in black and white and the other red […]

what i learned about camera exposure

i learned that exposure is the amount of light that reaches your camera film. it depends on how dark or bright your pictures will appear. the only two camera settings that will affect the actual “luminous exposure” of an image is shutter speed and aperture. aperture controls the brightness of the image that passes through […]

Hello world!

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